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2018 Welcome Package - DUE First Day of Camp


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Sorry, There are currently no auditions scheduled at this time.

Please check back later for future updates.

In a special event to benefit Theatre Jacksonville, Elizabeth Gilbert, beloved author of Eat, Pray, Love celebrates her newest book, Big Magic: Creative Living Without Fear.


January 2, 2018


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Sorry, There are currently no auditions scheduled at this time.

Please check back later for future updates.

The Last Night of Ballyhoo  

By Alfred Uhry

Directed by Curtis Williams

Performance dates: January 12 – 28, 2018


Audition Date:  Monday, November 13

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  Theatre Jacksonville

              2032 San Marco Blvd.

                Jacksonville, FL 32207


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Please be prepared to speak with the appropriate accent for your character.


About the Show:

The Last Night of Ballyhoo takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, in December of 1939. Gone with the Wind is having its world premiere and Hitler is invading Poland, but Atlanta's elitist German Jews are much more concerned with who is going to Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Especially concerned is the Freitag family: bachelor Adolph, his widowed sister, Beulah (Boo) Levy, and their also widowed sister-in-law, Reba. Boo is determined to have her dreamy, unpopular daughter, Lala, attend Ballyhoo, believing it will be Lala's last chance to find a socially acceptable husband. Adolph brings his new assistant, Joe Farkas, home for dinner. Joe is Brooklyn born and bred, and furthermore is of Eastern European heritage—several social rungs below the Freitags, in Beulah's opinion. Lala, however, is charmed by Joe and she hints broadly about being taken to Ballyhoo, but he turns her down. This enrages Boo, and matters get worse when Joe falls for Lala's cousin, Reba's daughter, Sunny, home from Wellesley for Christmas vacation. Will Boo succeed in snaring Peachy Weil, a member of one of the finest Jewish families in the South? Will Sunny and Joe avoid the land mines of prejudice that stand in their way? Will Lala ever get to Ballyhoo? The family gets pulled apart and then mended together with plenty of comedy, romance and revelations along the way. Events take several unexpected turns as the characters face where they come from and are forced to deal with who they really are.  Winner of the 1997 Tony Award for Best Play.


Available Roles:  3 Men and 4 Women


Boo Levy (Female, Southern accent, 40’s) – Lala's mother and Adolph's sister. A widow that struggles with wanting her daughter to be socially successful and will use all of her cunning to make sure it happens.

Sunny Freitag (Female, Southern accent, 20’s) – Reba’s daughter, Lala’s cousin and niece of Boo & Adolph. A junior at Wellesley College, interested in the works of Eugene V. Debs and Upton Sinclair. She struggles with her Jewish identity.

Adolph Freitag (Male, Southern accent, 40’s) – A bachelor who adores his niece Sunny, but has little tolerance for his niece Lala. Adolph is a kind soul with a sharp sense of humor and owns the Dixie Bedding Company.

Lala Levy (Female, Southern accent, 20’s) – Somewhat childish, awkward and obsessed with Gone With The Wind. Lala is always afraid of her past demons making reappearance in her current life.

Reba Freitag (Female, Southern accent, 40’s) – The widow sister-in-law to Adolph & Boo and Sunny’s mother. Reba never seems to be “quite there,” but is shrewder than others truly realize.  Reba knits onstage frequently (knitting skills not required for audition).

Joe Farkas (Male, Brooklyn accent, 20’s) – Works for Adolph Freitag at Dixie Bedding Company.  A transplanted New Yorker, Joe challenges the family to reassess their ideas of identity and family.

Peachy Weil (Male, Southern/Louisianan accent, 20’s) – Known for his obnoxious behavior, outspokenness and signature hair, Peachy is a guest from Lake Charles, LA.


People of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition for plays and musicals at Theatre Jacksonville.  It is the policy of Theatre Jacksonville that all auditions are open to the public. All interested people, newcomers and stage veterans alike, are welcome. We are also in need of volunteers to assist in other areas of production, including set construction, set artwork, lighting, and backstage technical activities and invite all members of the public to participate in these activities as well.

Showcase Performances

Our Show and Tell Showcase is designed to relieve some of the stress from the students and yet provide the opportunity for them to be in front of an appreciative audience. We encourage each individual to work at their own pace and do not want them to feel rushed into something that is already pretty brave. All students will be encouraged to do their best, learn that mistakes are okay, and realize that standing in front of an audience is a SUPER accomplishment. In the end, students put what they've learned to the test the test and have shared their stories.


FALL: November 2018

SPRING: March 2019

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Important info

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Find out what's in store for you this season at Theatre Jacksonville. View our current production line-up and sign up for a season subscription today for great discounts and other membership benefits.

TJX168-19 Season 100_WIX_HOME_BANNER_v1.

Find out what's in store for you this season at Theatre Jacksonville. View our current production line-up and sign up for a season subscription today for great discounts and other membership benefits.



It’s that time of year again, and our eager Camp Theatre Jacksonville staff are gearing up for another fantastic summer! During each of our 4-week sessions our campers will cycle daily through classes in acting, musical theatre, dance, and improvisation. After an initial week of preparation and training, we hold camp-wide auditions for an original show, written by our professional instructing team and directors, which becomes the curriculum for all classes for the remainder of camp.

AGES:      7-14 years old


Camp Session A:   June 6-July 3, 2020, from 9am-2pm
Camp Session B:   July 6-31, 2020, from 9am-2pm

Extended Day Available: 

from 2:00pm-5:30pm at $10 per day or $200 per session.

(First come, first serve)

COST:      $550 per camper, per session. A non-refundable $150 deposit per camper, per session is required at registration. All deposits will be refunded if COVID-19 forces cancellations.

Discounts available when enrolling in multiple sessions or with siblings. Does not include meals but snacks can be purchased at designated times throughout the day for $1 per item.


Can't find what you're looking for? Have questions?

Ask us and we just might have the answers you seek. Contact our Education Director, Ron Shreve.

He knows lots of stuff.

Email below, or call (904) 396-4425, ext. 309






Week 1: The Art of Stop-Motion Animation 

Session A: June 8-12/Session B: July 6-10

Students will learn the detailed art of stop motion, utilizing technology and materials found at home. The week will begin with an introduction to animation, developing the basic tools and culminating in a finished stop-motion short of students' own making.


Week 2: Radio Play: The Art of Sound and Storytelling

Session A: June 15-19/Session B: July 13-17

Students will develop a unique story and from there be instructed how to utilize the materials in their home to create the soundscape of their tale. This session is an introduction to Foley Artists, who provided the sound during old radio plays, as well as the movies of today.


Week 3: Newsroom: Connect with a Story and the Truth

Session A: June 22-26/Session B: July 20-24

There is no shortage of news in our current climate, but we often forget about the voices of those who are smaller than us. Since students navigate this world each day just like everyone else, they will create their own bustling newsroom with stories that mean something to them personally. The session will include how to perform in front of a green screen and keep the energy of a cohesive news report, all achieved with technology from the comforts of students' own homes.


Week 4: Capturing to Curating - Creating a Virtual Museum using photography 

Session A: June 29-July 3/Session B: July 27-31

With an introduction to photography, students will learn about composition, lighting, and story as they create their own gallery of moments captured through the eyes of another (photos taken from a bird's eye or a bug's eye view). The week will include an education about the ins and outs of curating an exhibit, which will culminate with the creation of a virtual tour of art from area museums.


THEATRE JACKSONVILLE’S SUMMER CAMP is gearing up for a fantastic time! Whether in-person or virtual our camps celebrate the joyful, ridiculous and brilliant passions of your child. They provide the time for them to explore, have fun and make new friends all while discovering the world of live performance in a safe and healthy environment. Our experienced artists share their passion for theatre through classes in a variety of disciplines to tap into the imagination of each camper.


IN-PERSON CAMP: There are two sessions, each are three-weeks long. Limited space. First come, first serve. Each session wraps-up with campers putting on a show for you! Unfolding before your eyes is everything our campers have learned. Also supporting our campers throughout their session are our energetic camp counselors, some of the best and brightest teens from area high schools.

IN-PERSON CAMP AGES:  7 -14 years of age.

IN-PERSON CAMP DATES: Session A: June 7 – 25; Session B: July 12 – 30. 

IN-PERSON CAMP HOURS:  Monday - Friday, 9 am - 2 pm.

IN-PERSON CAMP COST: $600 per camper, per session.

IN-PERSON EXTENDED DAY HOURS:  Monday - Friday 2 pm- 5:30pm.

IN-PERSON EXTENDED DAY COST: $300 per camper, per session.


VIRTUAL CAMP: There are eight weekly sessions. This unique global situation calls for different ways to engage, safely. This is an opportunity for young people to met others but stay exactly where they are. Right now, that is at home. In place of our in-person summer camp, we have developed a summer experience called Creative Connectivity for Kids that allows students to explore various aspects of theatre and entertainment through virtual learning. With a goal of broadening our own tools as an institution, we have partnered with Magic Box Productions of New York to create a virtual summer camp that brings entertainment and technology together. Often the concepts of “theatre” are limited to actors, directors, set, and costumes. This is the ideal opportunity to broaden the understanding of theatre by exploring processes that we often do not see once the curtain goes up.

VIRTUAL CAMP AGES: 7 -14 years of age.

VIRTUAL CAMP DATES: Weekly beginning June 7 until July 30, 2021 

VIRTUAL CAMP HOURS:   Monday - Friday 9 am - 2 pm.

VIRTUAL CAMP COST: $150 per camper, per week.

At Home/Technology Requirements

We will be surveying families to understand what devices each student has access to, and this information will allow us to tailor the programming to those specific devices. Yet while these programs do involve virtual learning and the use of technology, the programming also involves plenty of engagement in creative, tactile activities that take students off-screen. This fulfills two crucial components of theatre: seeing and doing – without which, true “theatre” does not exist. There are also opportunities for parent involvement. A parent/guardian will not need to be present during all activities, but parents will actually be able to see student process and the work that goes into creation, as opposed to only taking part in the finished product. 


Reservations can be made online anytime.

If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, please contact the Box Office at 396-4425, ext. 301 or by email at


Thank you for your continued support!

For our 103rd season, Theatre Jacksonville currently offers All-Access Mainstage Membership packages for individuals and families on sale until December 31, 2022Renewed or new 103rd Season All-Access Mainstage Memberships will run from November 2022 to June 2023 and we offer an early bird discount on packages purchased prior to June 30, 2022.


Your membership is an important part of our fundraising and planning,  please consider continued support for the 103rd year. There is no guarantee to the number of shows to be completed due to the unexpected nature of the current pandemic. We are offering the memberships for the  same price as last year but our early bird pricing disappears on June 30, 2022.

Membership Packages:

On sale April 22, 2022 - December 31, 2022. Expires June 30, 2023

All-Access Membership for Individuals

Adult Member (18-59 years old)....................................$110 (EB: $90)

Senior/Military Member (60+ or military ID)................$100 (EB: $80)

All individual memberships receive one complimentary All-Access Pass for Theatre Jacksonville Mainstage offerings.  Additional show tickets will be available for $26,

as available.

All Access Memberships for Families: 

All Access Family Members ....................... $325 (EB $265)

All family memberships receive three complimentary All-Access Passes for Theatre Jacksonville Mainstage offerings. Additional show tickets will be offered for $26, as available.


Non-member tickets (as available).....................................$28

All individual tickets for non-members to any Theatre Jacksonville production will be offered on a show-by-show basis as available. Seating may be limited, so there is no guarantee that individual tickets will always be available.


Membership Policies:

Theatre Jacksonville Members who require additional tickets never pay full price. Additional tickets are reduced (regular pricing is $28.00), and should be purchased at the time you make your reservation. 

Ticket exchanges cannot be handled at the Box Office window when it opens one hour prior to showtime. Please handle exchanges via the Box Office during regular business hours.


A 24-hour cancellation notice is required if the reservation is to be changed to a later date.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required on all additional reserved tickets or you will be charged for the ordered tickets. 

Reserved tickets are held until ten minutes before curtain, unless other arrangements are made. After that time all unclaimed tickets will be released.

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