Please email BOXOFFICE@THEATREJAX.COM OR CALL staff Wednesday - Friday between 10:30-1:30pm

OR LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE AT (904) 396-4425 ext 301.​

Per our 102nd Season Policy, MASKS ARE REQUIRED the entire time you

visit the playhouse. From entrance to exit.

"To social distance or not social distance, this is the question"...that we will ask you when you are choosing your seats! There are those who are more comfortable being spaced out and not sitting shoulder to shoulder with those that are not in their "bubble" and we understand that. But we cannot bring live theatre back if all seats are set up this way, we are simply too small a space. So instead, you can choose. Each performance has a "SOCIAL DISTANCED" section in row L. No one sits in the blocked off rows ahead or behind and no one, outside your party, sits within two seats of you on either side. If you want these seats, call or email the box office and we will try to make it happen for you!


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