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Pride and Prejudice
Adapted by Jon Jory
From the novel by Jane Austen

Directed by Amy Canning

Performance Dates:
September 16 – October 2, 2016

Audition Date:
Monday, July 11, 2016
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Theatre Jacksonville
2032 San March Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Auditions will be cold readings from the script.

About the Show:LAll of the wit and romance of Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel come to life in this refreshingly fast-paced and engaging new adaptation. Finding a husband is hardly Elizabeth Bennet's most urgent priority. But with four sisters, an overzealous match-making mother, and a string of unsuitable suitors, it's difficult to escape the subject. When the independent-minded Elizabeth meets the handsome but enigmatic Mr. Darcy, she is determined not to let her feelings triumph over her own good sense -- but the truth turns out to be slipperier than it seems. In a society where subtle snubs and deceit proliferate, is it possible for Elizabeth and Darcy to look beyond his pride and her prejudice, and to make the best match of all?

Available Roles:
Principal Characters:
7 Men
11 Woman
Various servants, soldiers, and ball guests.

Elizabeth Bennet (female 18-early twenties) - The second daughter of Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth is the most intelligent and sensible of the five Bennet sisters. She is well read and quick-witted, with a sharp tongue.

Mr. Darcy (male, 25-40) - A wealthy gentleman, the master of Pemberley, and the nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Darcy is intelligent and honest, his excess of pride causes him to look down on his social inferiors. Falls in love with Elizabeth.

Jane Bennet (female, 18-late twenties) - The eldest and most beautiful Bennet sister. Jane is more reserved and gentler than Elizabeth. Falls for Mr. Bingly.

Charles Bingley (male, 25-40) - Darcy’s wealthy best friend. He is a genial, well-intentioned gentleman, whose easygoing nature contrasts with Darcy’s early demeanor. He does not care about class differences.

Mr. Bennet (male, 45- mid-sixties) - MaleThe patriarch of the Bennet family, a gentleman of modest income with five unmarried daughters. Mr. Bennet has a sarcastic, cynical sense of humor that he uses to purposefully irritate his wife.

Mrs. Bennet (female, 35-55) - Mr. Bennet’s wife, a foolish, noisy woman (but likable and possibly funny without self-knowledge) whose only goal in life is to see her daughters married.

George Wickham (male, 25-35) - A handsome, fortune-hunting militia officer. Ends up in precarious circumstances with Lydia.

Lydia Bennet (female, 15-20) -The youngest Bennet sister, she is gossipy, immature, and self-involved.

Mr. Collins (male, 30-mid-fifties)- A pompous, generally idiotic clergyman who stands to inherit Mr. Bennet’s property. Lady Catherine de Bourgh serves as his patroness. He is the worst combination of snobbish and obsequious.

Miss Bingley (female 25-35) -Bingley’s snobbish sister. Miss Bingley bears inordinate disdain for Elizabeth’s middle-class background. Her vain attempts to garner Darcy’s attention cause Darcy to admire Elizabeth’s self-possessed character even more.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh (female 45-65) - A rich, bossy noblewoman; Mr. Collins’s patron and Darcy’s aunt

Colonel Fitzwilliam (male, 25-40) The nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner (40-60) - Mrs. Bennet’s brother and his wife. Caring, nurturing, and full of common sense.

Charlotte Lucas (female, 18-mid-twenties) - Elizabeth’s dear friend. Pragmatic where Elizabeth is romantic, and also six years older than Elizabeth, eventually marries Mr. Collins.

Georgiana Darcy (female, teen-ager) - Darcy’s sister. She is very pretty and just as shy. She has great skill at playing the pianoforte.

Mary Bennet (female, 18 - early twenties) - The middle Bennet sister, bookish and pedantic.

Kitty Bennet (female 15-20) - The fourth Bennet sister. Like Lydia, she is girlishly enthralled with the soldiers.

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