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Love Goes to Press
by Martha Gellhorn and Virginia Cowles

Directed by Tony Walsh

Performance dates:
November 7 - 22, 2014

Audition Date:
Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Theatre Jacksonville
2032 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

About the Show:
Written in the aftermath of World War II, Love Goes to Press opened in London in 1946 and on Broadway in 1947. Written as a relief for the survivors of the Blitzkrieg and ration cards, today it is a devilishly entertaining portrayal of the Battle of the Sexes. In this wise-cracking romantic comedy, set in a press camp on the Italian front in 1944, two women war correspondents - smart, sexy, and famous for scooping their male competitors - struggle to balance their professional lives with their love lives. The two glamorous American journalists are autobiographical creations of the authors: Martha Gellhorn and Virginia Cowles who met while covering the Spanish Civil War.

Available Roles:
8 Men
3 Women

Leonard Lightfoot: (male) International Information Agency (English)
Uptight, reserved, everything by the book, pipe smoking and good looking.
(Late 30's – early 40's

TEX CROWDER: (male) Union Press (American)
Easy going American next door type, Been around the block, knows the ropes, very likeable guy, southern accent.
(Late 30's)

HANK O'REILLY: (male) Alliance Press (American)
Seasoned, been around the block, fast talking, probably a New Yorker, likeable, humorous, looks at thinks always on the BRIGHT side!
(mid to late 30's)

JOE RODGERS: (male) San Francisco Dispatch (American)
Handsome leading man type, wise guy type…but likable…even loveable, smooth talker and operator, Ex of Annabelle, needs to get things HIS way.
(early to mid-30's)

MAJOR PHILLIP BROOK-JERVAUX: (male) Public relations Officer (English)
By the Book , class conscious "everything and everyone" in their own place and station, male to a fault…make that "English Male" to a fault, self-proclaimed champion of the "weaker" sex. (early 40's)

CORPORAL CRAMP: (male) Assistant to Maj. Jervaux (English)
Knows his place, subordinate to Jervaux, polite, considerate, "kind", respectful, a "lamb".

JANE MASON: (female) New York Bulletin (American)
Attractive American female journalist, very much her own kind of woman, stylishly uniformed…with accessories…even on the front, smart, quick, intelligent, thinks for herself, operates in a "man's" world and knows how to navigate in it, a woman AND a fe-male! (short haired, possibly golden or blond.)
(Late 20's – early 30's)

ANNABELLE JONES: (female) San Francisco World (American)
Another attractive and stylish American female war correspondent and journalist, wealthy upbringing but that did NOT spoil her, wants to "save the world"…always striving for a cause…also navigates well in the "man's world" and make no apologies for it, champions the underdog, fast talking, dark brunette or black hair.
(Late 20's-early 30's)

DAPHNE RUTHERFORD: (female) (English)
Young, shapely, impressed with her own traits, attractive, endlessly fast talking and rapidly rising actress. Completely enveloped in "her" own world. Blue eyed, blond hair, "bird-like", something "flighty" about her!
(Early to mid-20's)

MAJOR DICK HAWKINS: (male) U.S. Air Force officer (American)
Big strapping lad, handsome, a bit slow on the uptake, likeable and loveable, out to "save and protect womankind", kind, helpful and polite.
Early 30's)

CAPTAIN ALLISTAIR DRAKE: (male) English officer.
Healthy, wealthy, confident, likeable, jolly and rotund like. A real "cheerio" type!
(late 40's-early 50's)


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